Vacasa Unit Page Redesign

Unit page drop off was high for Vacasa and needed to be addressed. After I led an extensive heuristic analysis, the UX team tackled known issues and we redesigned the unit page to enhance the buy flow. Along with improved usability, the redesign led to a decrease in drop offs.


Once our analytics team identified drop off issues on Vacasa’s unit pages, I collected some heat map data from Hotjar. After reviewing the site and data, we reviewed the known issues as a team a ran a whiteboard session. Then I put together a competitive analysis and a heuristic analysis and identified the key problems. Next I presented recommended, actionable solutions and assigned priority based on Nielsen’s Ten Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design.

Based on the analysis, the UX team worked together to redesign the unit pages. I took on the photo carousel and booking calendar.

I built a prototype in Sketch and InVision, which was used by our UX researcher to run user tests and then we incorporated feedback into further improving the pages.