Getting Social on a Global Scale

Possible's Social Marketing

I was brought on to lead Possible's social marketing at the same time that Zaaz's CEO, Shane Atchison, took over the WPP agency. It required not only directing the social strategy, but also managing and running all of the owned channels. At the time of the merger, Possible's social channels were run out of one office and the brand lacked a global voice. In this new role, my goal was to ensure that our social channels represented all of our offices. To achieve this goal, the first initiative I created was called the Cultural Liaison Program. Each office was tasked to provide a representative to report on events, new work, awards, office happenings and photos. The liaisons submitted this content in weekly reports to me to be shared across the social channels and CoLab, Possible's internal social network.

As the Global Director of Social Marketing, I built out and drove global marketing efforts and strategy for all of Possible's social channels, kept the branding current and fresh, ran all social channels and approved all content that was posted and tracked the results. I implemented and managed an employee brand-advocacy tool, VoiceStorm, that drove almost 2 million additional impressions to agency-relevant content in 7 months. And wearing more hats than a mad hatter, I also collaborated with the external PR team, led event sponsorship and planning for SXSW, managed CoLab, a global internal social network across 25 offices, with over 1,200 people, managed web site platform and updates through Sitecore CMS, assisted with promoting the CEO as a LinkedIn Influencer and generating the majority of images, visual content and write-ups to keep a publishing beast of this size constantly fed for almost three years.