Mountain Hardwear Expedition Republic

How do you become an industry leader for the expedition category? You build a community and bring everyone along for the ride. Working at an agency, my team and I developed a promotional microsite for Mountain Hardwear using Papervision3D technology, videos and a sweepstakes, which led visitors to a social community for expedition enthusiasts, built on a Ning platform. The community gave members a place to exchange ideas, post photos and videos, join groups, and learn more about Mountain Hardwear’s new products and events, also bringing their social media links into one resource. Membership swelled to 1,200 members in less than three weeks, with 85,000 hits, using no online advertising. Initial landing page was built with Papervision3D and Tweenlite to create the panoramic environment and the as3syndicationlib was used to pull live feeds in from the community site.


  • 2010 Summit International EMA Visionary Winner
  • 2009 Gold W3 award winner
  • 2009 Webvisionary Awards Social/Community nominee

Video of the actual site experience: