Taking a Distinct approach to Apple TV

Distinct Daily Apple TV App

Distinct Daily for Apple TV lets you stream high resolution video that share the stories of creative trailblazers and offer down-to-earth, practical advice for pursuing your passions from an amazing array of artists and designers.

Challenge: Design a way to present Distinct's web-based films for Apple TV

Working on an Apple TV app was an interesting design challenge compared to working on a web site or a mobile app. I had to really simplify each step based on the size of the screen, the distance the user is probably sitting from the screen and the limited input abilities of the remote control. Based on the client’s budget, this was an exercise in creating the best user experience and design within the standard Apple TV templates. No customization was in scope.

As this was my first time designing for Apple TV, I started by diving into Apple’s human interface guidelines and researching their recommendations and constraints.

Next step was to break down the web site content into available films and then categorizing them. Then I began to sketch out some wireframes and working with the developer until we had a solid experience that worked within the templates and with the amount of content we felt relevant to share.

After that, translating the brand and what I had created for the app and website and bringing that to life for TV. This meant simplifying the detail and focusing on the photos and type treatment for the featured section. The final challenge was bringing in the 'about us' reel. It was a very different piece of content from the artist films, but important to incorporate to help with increased brand awareness for a growing start-up. We ended up scraping a separate page and navigational element and created a promotional area on the main page that launched the video.

Overall, it was a great experience to begin designing for the big screen and always fun to partner with Gene Sluder, the developer. My first AppleTV app is shipped, who's next?

"Billy is both talented and great to work with... very thorough and detailed oriented. I recommend him highly."

Andy Lu, Founder and CEO of Distinct Media, Inc.


UI/UX Design: Billy Huys
Art Direction: Billy Huys

Strategy: Billy Huys / Gene Sluder
Development: Gene Sluder


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