The Internal Social Network

Possible's CoLab

Building a successful culture starts with hiring smart, driven people. Then you empower those people by giving them a voice within the agency and the chance to connect, collaborate and innovate. You do this, and something extraordinary happens: people will not only love what they do – they’ll genuinely love where they work, too. That’s a powerful thing. It fosters an environment where brilliant thinking surfaces. Ideas come to life. And, most important, businesses and brands grow.

CoLab was Possible's, WPP's largest interactive agency, internal social network. It provided a place where all 25+ global offices could collaborate, share thoughts and ideas, and stay up-to-date on agency news. Part of my role as Global Director of Social Marketing for the agency was to manage CoLab and create content on a daily basis. I produced the majority of graphics, keeping the brand consistent and current. I also wrote original content, news, event updates and created polls. CoLab housed the internal employee directory along with brand materials, biz dev resources, ideas, performance marketing materials, policies, project work, training materials and information about CoLab itself. I helped maintain this content to ensure it was accurate and current. During the nearly three years that I was in this role, Possible received great press and write-ups from numerous industry media outlets including AdAge and Fast Company.

CoLab was designed and developed by Possible with creative direction led by Jon McVey.