Hi. Here is a little info about the guy that you would work with.

Thinker. Doer. Creator. Facilitator of getting things done.

Hi, I'm Billy. I bring years of experience working with top brands in design. I am a big idea guy who can lead when I need to lead, and roll up my sleeves when it’s time to do the work.

Big or small. Established brand or startup. I'm here to jump in and help your team take it to the next level. 

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Some nice things people have said after working with me.


"Billy is the consummate creative. He can paint the big picture. He cares for the smallest details."

"I've seen him take a global company through a complete social rebrand, juggle multiple high-viz projects like a boss..."

"I always loved working with Billy because I could count on him producing brilliant work no matter what crazy circumstances I put him in."

"I worked with Billy on photo shoots for the Nike.net website...He brought great energy, styling & propping know-how and excellent design sensibilities to the project during our pre-production meetings and while executing the shoots....Having him on set for the shoots was fantastic."

"I discovered during the job that Billy is that rare designer that can deeply articulate the strategic business needs behind every design recommendation that he makes. That would be a superpower in itself - add world-class creative combined with a great sense of humor and you get an invaluable colleague that directly equates to happy clients wanting more."

"It's a tall order to balance technology, usability and creativity and he consistently found the right mix. Then there's the fact that he's kind and funny and interesting. What a nice colleague!"

"He understands the creative landscape, has a great eye for design and what appeals to different audiences, and executes almost before you can finish your request."


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